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Camouflage Clothing Camouflage clothing and gear runs a wide spectrum in price, and it’s hard sometimes to find the colors you want at a discount.One trick is to buy any camo you find on the cheap, and then lightly dye it to match the colors you want.If they feel heavy, they are probably made well enough.Camp Heater Unless you have your own oil well, or a line on a hidden vein of coal (some preppers I have met actually do), then your best bet for efficient heat during the winter weather in a tent, a makeshift shelter, or a house, is a wood burning stove. A couple cords of wood are enough to heat most homes and shelters through the colder months.They are lightweight, can be easily layered, can be packed into a tiny corner of your B. - for a shirt and pants together is well worth it. Any weather below 20 Degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll want to double up.Cold feet, on a march, on patrol, on guard duty, sucks.Let’s examine a foundation list of those items that can help get you started now….

Purchasing several packages of polypropylene thermal underwear could also save your life in extreme weather situations. Even if you don’t have a lot of winter gear with you, absolutely do not forget to bring the poly-wear! Look for deals, but do not cut them out of your budget.It is meant to be a starting point, not a compendium.A friend of mine took note recently that a large portion of activists involved in the Liberty Movement had hit extremely hard times, or had been struggling financially even before the general economic collapse began to take hold.A very affordable alternative for your heating needs would be the M-1941 Military Tent Stove.The cylindrical stove is portable, burns quite hot, and can be had usually for 0 or less.

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