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You can also make new friends, find online relationships and even find a date or fall in love.

Site members (as allowed by role permissions) can instantly create custom 2 way video chat rooms and send the access links to the ones they want to chat with. With this Drupal integration, room settings, including quality and streaming time, permissions to use features (globally by role and locally by room) can be defined and used to control quality and duration of service.Our Cam4 chat is also really popular and is a lot like random chat, but you connect with four strangers instead of just one.The simplicity of using Chatrandom makes the entire experience easy and fun.Chat rooms make it a lot easier for you to find people that interest you rather than browsing through thousands of random cams.You can also send private messages which are a great way to converse without others seeing your messages.

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You can also share your webcam with other people and view the cams of others.

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